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Frameless Seat Cushion Kit, 206L LH AFT Facing, STANDARD Style, Blue

SKU: HF-N-7-1-6-N-432

General Information

This AFT Facing Frameless STANDARD Style Seat Cushion Kit consists of a unique foam buildup with less than 15% ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) loss following Dynamic Fatigue testing by Constant Force Pounding (80,000 cycles). The cushion design provides additional comfort and lumbar support. The Standard Style cushion incorporates added foam to the forward edge of the bottom cushion for increased comfort. The cushion covers have been designed so that they can be easily removed and replaced within minutes without adhesive. Covers are available in a wide range of colours.

Aircraft OEM Bell Helicopters
Aircraft Model 206L
Product Family Interior - Helicopter Seating
Part Number HF-N-7-1-6-N-432
Product Name Frameless Seat Cushion Kit, 206L LH Aft Facing, Standard Style, Imperial Blue Naughyde
Price (USD) Contact us for best pricing
Weight 9.8 lbs per seating position
Installation Time 2 hours

Kit includes one backrest and one bottom seat cushion with replaceable covers manufactured with Naugahide - US432 Imperial Blue, an aluminum support for installation of the seat bottom cushion. Velcro is also included. 

  • Eliminates Seat Frames Entirely
  • Reduces Aircraft Downtime
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce your Spares Inventory
  • Added Comfort and Lumbar Support
  • Eliminates seat frames entirely
  • Covers can be easily removed and replaced
  • Improved Lumbar Support
  • FAA STC SR09522RC
  • TCCA SH16-41
  • EASA 10058036


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