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R44 Cabin Floor Trays

SKU: RH044-1009-401

General Information

The MOST AFFORDABLE R44 Cabin Floor Trays with an STC. These R44 Cabin Floor Trays have been designed to trap liquid and dirt, protecting your flooring/carpet. The kits are very easy to install and remove for regular cleaning, if desired. The trays are thermoformed using aerospace grade material and are rugged as well as light weight. One kit completes one aircraft and includes required velcro. The trays are currently available in charcoal grey. Sold as a kit or by individual tray.

Aircraft OEM Robinson
Aircraft Model R44
Product Family Interior Solutions - Flooring
Part Number RH044-1009-401
Product Name R44 Cabin Floor Trays
Price (USD) Contact us for best pricing
Weight 6 lbs
Installation Time approximately 1 hr

Each kit consists of 4 Cabin Floor Trays ( 2 fwd and 2 aft) and a generous amount of velcro. 

You can also purchase individual trays.

  • Most affordable kit available
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Deep tray design traps more liguid and dirt
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • Solid material hides velcro
  • Aviation quality thermoformed material
  • Perfect Fit
  • Light Weight
  • Deep tray design
  • TCCA STC SH16-38
  • FAA STC SR03879NY
  • EASA STC 10064476
  • ANAC STC 2018S02-12
  • LF2600-R44, D044-719-011L08, D044-719-011L02
  • RAMM AEROSPACE has no affiliation with the OEM or other Manufacturers of the referenced OEM specific part number.
  • Parts listed as Replacement are STC'ed or PMA'ed alternates for the referenced OEM specific part number.


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